SciFi & the Sutras: Episode 7 It's here! Episode 7 of SciFi & the Sutras has landed, and this one is a doozy. It's also a direct continuation from Episode 6, so watch that one HEREĀ first, then come back and continue our journey into the Niyamas. I'm really excited to share this episode with you. Some of what I share … Continue reading SciFi & the Sutras: Episode 7

SciFi & The Sutras: Episode Four Whether it's called fate, or prophecy, or a calling, or just being The Chosen One, this whole "Destiny" thing shows up in SciFi and fantasy A LOT. If I'd included all the instances of there being a prophecy, or the phrase "just as it was foretold" or the whole Chosen One trope in the … Continue reading SciFi & The Sutras: Episode Four

Scifi & the Sutras: Episode Three It's here! Episode Three is all about zombies. If I had included all the interesting information I learned about zombies, zombie film history, and the intersection of public fears and what zombies represent in cinema, this episode would have been an hour long. As it stands, I wanted to share some extra links with … Continue reading Scifi & the Sutras: Episode Three