We all know the importance of academic success in our society… but what about social and emotional learning?  What about teaching our children to take a breath before they speak? Or harnessing their thoughts?  Or moving their bodies for optimal health?  And for girls in particular, self-respect, self-awareness, self-love?

Youth Elevate and Girls Elevate are programs dedicated to bringing this kind of learning to middle and high school adolescents via the yoga community.  The programs aim to instill empowerment, nurture tolerance, empathy and compassion into all children, regardless of sex, race, socio-economic status or religion.

The key components are yoga, mindfulness, social and emotional learning, and empowerment for youth, both boys and girls.


Module One: June 25-27
Social/Emotional Learning for Our Youth
Yoga Tree, San Francisco

Module Two: June 28-30
Empowering Sisterhood in Teenage Girls
Yoga Tree, San Francisco


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