Your RYT200 is just the beginning!

Embody Truth 300 Hour Teacher Training is an immersive training experience designed to give you further depth, breadth, and knowledge in all aspects of yoga. We have created clear paths of content – through intensive weekend sessions you’ll learn the content that inspires you. Take up to two years to complete your hours through a combination of Workshops, RetreatsMentorshipApprenticeshipOnline Offerings and more.

Throughout this training you’ll receive support from your teachers, and you’ll come away with your RYT500 – marking you as an advanced yoga teacher. More than that – you’ll have the Embody Truth Tribe: alumni and current trainees, people who have been through this very same evolution. The tribe is at the heart of Embody Truth Teacher Training. This Embody Truth tribe will be here as a constant support system, and these people will become your family.

Discover advanced training – learn more about Embody Truth 300 Hour TT HERE.

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