SciFi & the Sutras: Episode 7

https://vimeo.com/292259538 It's here! Episode 7 of SciFi & the Sutras has landed, and this one is a doozy. It's also a direct continuation from Episode 6, so watch that one HERE┬áfirst, then come back and continue our journey into the Niyamas. I'm really excited to share this episode with you. Some of what I share … Continue reading SciFi & the Sutras: Episode 7

SciFi & The Sutras: Episode Four

https://vimeo.com/280128656 Whether it's called fate, or prophecy, or a calling, or just being The Chosen One, this whole "Destiny" thing shows up in SciFi and fantasy A LOT. If I'd included all the instances of there being a prophecy, or the phrase "just as it was foretold" or the whole Chosen One trope in the … Continue reading SciFi & The Sutras: Episode Four

Scifi & the Sutras: Episode Three

https://vimeo.com/278004867 It's here! Episode Three is all about zombies. If I had included all the interesting information I learned about zombies, zombie film history, and the intersection of public fears and what zombies represent in cinema, this episode would have been an hour long. As it stands, I wanted to share some extra links with … Continue reading Scifi & the Sutras: Episode Three