Scifi & the Sutras: Episode Three

https://vimeo.com/278004867 It's here! Episode Three is all about zombies. If I had included all the interesting information I learned about zombies, zombie film history, and the intersection of public fears and what zombies represent in cinema, this episode would have been an hour long. As it stands, I wanted to share some extra links with … Continue reading Scifi & the Sutras: Episode Three

5 Steps to Resetting a Shitty Day

Love from G

Today I experienced one of my least favorite feelings while working out. A brief background: At the beginning of the year, in a fit of resolution-induced crazy, I committed to Mudderella, a 7 mile run + obstacle course. Since February, I've added cross training to my weekly routine. Several very sore weeks later, I've started to find … Continue reading 5 Steps to Resetting a Shitty Day