Know Your Flow Series

Select Sundays, starting 7/14: 2pm-4pm
The Pad Studios
1694 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94122
$35 for one / $125 for whole series

An advanced yoga practice is not about how complicated or acrobatic a posture is. An advanced yoga practice is about returning to the same posture, again and again, without getting bored. In this monthly series Gillian Confair, E-RYT-500, will take each session to break down one aspect of the asana practice. During each 2-hour workshop we’ll discuss alignment, talk about modifications, and invite in curiosity and exploration to familiar sans to make them feel brand new! Bring your questions, your yoga mat, and be prepared for flow, humor, and to learn something new. Come for one session or sign up for all – each time we meet we’ll build on what we’ve learned during the previous session. Yogis of all levels welcome.

Drop in: $35
Whole series: $125


Session 1: July 14th
Sun Salutation A & B and Warrior I, II, and III
The most common postures we flow through in class are often the least aligned! We’ll use our first meeting to move slowly and break down the component pieces of what is often just instructed as “take a vinyasa.” Then we’ll flow through our Sun A and Sun B with more confidence and ease.

Session 2: August 11th
Chaturanga & Arm Balances
Did you know that chaturanga is the gateway to many arm balances? We’ll begin our exploration of inversions with both feet planted firmly on the ground, learning how to utilize back and core muscles to stabilize us before our feet fly off the ground. This session includes:
– Chaturanga
– Crow pose
– Side crow
– Eka Pada Koundinyasa I & II

Session 3: September 15th
All about the hips!
Fun fact: hip openers don’t stop at half pigeon! In fact, tightness in our hips can be alleviated through a number of postures, including glute work, inner groin stretches, and (yes) half pigeon. We’ll explore the largest joint in our body holistically and create a sequence of balanced postures to find happier hips. Postures include:
– Bridge pose
– Skandasana
– Lizard
– Pigeon pose variations (standing, supine, half, and double pigeon)
– Frog pose

Session 4: October 6th
All about the hammies!
The life we live is very linear – sitting or at a standing desk at work, running, and cycling all work in a forward-and-backwards direction. This contributes to low back discomfort and tight hamstrings. During this session we’ll move off the beaten path and invite motion into all three muscles that make up our hamstrings. We’ll also play with different approaches to forward folds of all varieties to strike the balance between effort and ease. Postures include:
– Standing forward folds
– Downward facing dog
– Pyramid pose
– Half hanuman and full hanuman

Session 5: November 3rd
Transitions and Inversions
Take flight. During our final session we’ll incorporate the core work, shoulder and back strength, pelvic alignment, and body awareness we’ve cultivated throughout the series to find hang time in the air. We’ll work on creating a softer landing as we hop forward and float back in our vinyasas, and explore familiar inversions. Postures include:
– Transitions (down dog —> forward fold and back again)
– Headstand (and transitions into and out of headstand)
– Handstand
– Forearm stand