Want to join me for an hour of Vinyasa flow? You’ve got options! See below for my schedule of in-studio and online classes. 

Not ready to come back to the studio yet? All my Metta classes are available via livestream. Sign up and you can watch class up to 48 hours after the fact. 

Every Friday I teach on Instagram Live. My instagram classes are donation based and stay up on my IGTV indefinitely. Feel free to practice live with me on Fridays, or replay the class at any time! You can find my Venmo at @gillian-confair. Donations appreciated, if your means allow.

5:00pm (60 min) – Fiery Flow [via Metta Yoga]

5:00pm (60 min) – Fiery Flow [via Metta Yoga]


7:00am (60 min) – Wake Up Flow [via Instagram]


9:30am (60 min) – Fiery Flow Level [via Metta Yoga]

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