The Great Leap Forward

“A week ago, I closed my latest show. It will also likely be my last…”

Clothing by YogaSmoga

What Now?

“A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a pretty vulnerable piece based on what was happening in my life. It was raw, and necessary, and I am so thankful for the outpouring of support that I received in its wake. Seriously, thank you…”


On Community

“I’ve been meaning to write up a new blog post for a while. Yesterday morning I threw something together about my recent trip to Las Vegas. It was cute, and a little funny, and maybe I’ll post it someday. The thing is, life intervened…”

Confessions of an Average Yogi

“I’ve recently come to a realization: I’m average. I’m a size medium, an 8 1/2 in the shoe department, average height, average weight, and when it comes to my yoga practice? Well…”

Love from G5 Steps to Resetting a Shitty Day

“Today I experienced one of my least favorite feelings while working out…”