You are the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of learning, work, setbacks, habits, likes, dislikes, workouts, Wine Wednesdays, and everything in between. – Gillian Confair

Welcome to The Average Yogi. A way of mind designed to empower you in your practice, and your life. Yoga is a practice designed to create stillness and presence – a uplifted way to sit with your thoughts and being, and to see the world you are a part of.

What that means:

  • breath
  • presence
  • connection
  • honesty with yourself about where you are with ZERO judgement

What that doesn’t mean:

  • an Instagram-perfect pose
  • fitting into the right pair of leggings
  • self judgement or lack

You are abundant, I promise! So let go of limitations, come to the mat, and just be.


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“Take a moment to look back through your practice and realize how far you’ve come. Your own personal progress is extraordinary. Don’t dismiss it.”

Gillian Confair first found yoga after years of competitive sports and dance left her with knee injuries. The resulting change of pace provided much-needed clarity, allowing her to look within for contentment instead of without for validation. This path of presence and self-love led her to step away from a career in theater to pursue her passion – offering others the space to consciously connect to the present moment, without judgment, and to empower themselves to love the life and body they have.

In 2013 Gillian created The Average Yogi – a website welcoming all yogis to the practice, regardless of age, shape, or size. Through humor and honesty, Gillian offers space for exploration and self-love, both on the mat and off. Her goal is simple: Come as you are, and the practice will meet you there.

Through a combination of challenging and unique flows, her classes get you out of your head and into your body. The goal is to leave worries at the door and plant seeds of positive thought to carry throughout the day. Come to her class prepared to move and sweat. Leave feeling uplifted, energized, and more positively connected to the world around you.

Find Gillian on Instagram and Facebook.

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Join me for Private Sessions, Corporates, and Group Classes in the Bay Area.

Group Classes

Join me for my regularly scheduled classes. Check my Facebook page for workshops, extra classes, and more.

Monday at 6:30am | Power Yoga @ The Pad Studios
Monday at 5:00pm | Power Yoga @ Metta Yoga
Tuesday at 12:00pm | Power Yoga @ The Pad Studios
Wednesday at 6:15pm | Power Yoga @ Metta Yoga
Thursday at 12:00pm |
Power Yoga @ The Pad Studios
Friday at 6:30am | Power Yoga @ The Pad Studios

Private Sessions

Join me for an hour of one-on-one time, carefully attuned to your needs. We can focus on the basics of yoga, alignment, philosophy, or that one pose you’re hoping for a breakthrough on!

Private sessions are located at The Pad Studios, but can come to you!

Studio Pricing

Single Session $110
5 Sessions $525 ($105/session)
10 Sessions $1000 ($100/session)

In Home Pricing

Single Session $150

Corporate Yoga

Reset during your work day! Yoga has been shown to improve health, lessen back pain, reduce stress, and increase productivity in the work environment. Incorporate yoga into your business’ health routine. Email me directly for further details, pricing, and to set up a Corporate Yoga session for your business today!

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I teach classes and private sessions in the Bay Area. Interested in setting up a session or learning more? Connect with me below!